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Dent removal from stainless steel kegs

In removing dents in stainless steel kegs, the damaged bodies are reworked.  Using hydraulic equipment, both the top and bottom rings, also the stacking rings, are brought back to their original shape.


Not only is the appearance improved, it also raises the throughput of your plant.




Hydraulic machine for dent removal
Keg before dent removal
Keg after dent removal
Keg after repair

Repair of Bavarian tappings

Whether your keg is fitted with a Bavarian tapping or with a Thielmann ball valve, your keg will be provided with new tapping equipment.

Please go to the item ‘Keg Repair Service’ to get information on a new tapping. 

Whether small or large quantities, we come to your premises and your personnel do not need to get involved.


Refurbishing PU kegs

PU jacketed kegs show damage such as deformation, colour changes and misshaped rings after several years.

Working together with Schäfer Werke, our co-operation partner, we offer a unique service to refurbish your kegs externally, to reconstruct cracked parts and to create new grips.

You can select a ‘new look’ for your kegs.

Main colour, colour rings, logo imprinting on kegs can be carried out exactly as you want it.

You save expensive disposal costs and you need to replace only those kegs that are not recoverable.


Further Services

Application of colour rings

You can choose all colours of the rainbow.

We put rings on your kegs in any colour you want.

Your kegs will have a unique appearance, and you set yourself apart from your competitors.



Lining up coupling

With an intact coupling, you reduce downtimes in the plant and complaints from pubs.

Using a special tool, we bring couplings, both in stainless steel and in PU, back into position and set them up exactly.



Removing/Regenerate the sleeve 

If you need a new banderole on your Keg we can also do this. You can choose your Label individual. After we have removed the old banderole, we professionally apply the new one and guarantee a long term durability.