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How does fittings service function?

Our specially qualified service technicians can repair your valves, quickly and reliably.


In order to achieve long service life for all fittings systems, we use original seals and tools exclusively from Micro Matic.


The following quality standards apply in our service routine:

  • check keg
  • remove fitting from keg
  • dismantle fitting
  • exact measurement of fitting length
  • check all individual valve parts
  • replace seals
  • check and, if necessary, replace other parts such as spring, spring cup,
  • extractor tube
  • clean fitting and socket
  • install fitting
  • exact measurement of fitting length
  • clean fittings and coupling
  • fitting assembly
  • exact measurement of fitting length
  • professional installation with exact torque value
  • pressure test
  • marking of overhauled fitting



A freshly tapped beer, what a delight

In order to be able to offer your customers this pleasure, you should pay particular attention to maintaining your keg pool.


The keg pool is your capital.  We assist you with our service capabilities to keep it in good condition.  Our trained personnel carry out repairs on kegs and fittings on site, without involving your staff.  We use only original spare parts because this is the only way to raise the operating life of your fittings.


Have a look at all our service capabilities detailed in the sub items.


For a personal consultation tailored to the needs of your operation, Hans Wächtler and his team are ready to make a site visit.


Where is fittings service done?

Our fittings service takes place without any involvement on your side:

  • in the warehouse: in your brewery yard
  • inline: immediately on the filling plant, this saves all logistics costs as neither forklifts nor manpower is required and, as a bonus, you do not have to keep any kegs in reserve.  The overhauled kegs are available again on the plant within minutes.
  • step by step: removal and installation on site, repair of fittings at the HW Brauerei-Service workshop


You can decide where the service should take place to suit your circumstances.
On request, we are also pleased to involve your staff.





What happens if you should decide to carry out the fittings service yourself in your plant?

You can order Micro Matic spare parts and tools from us rapidly and without complications, by telephone or by mail, also in small quantities.
We provide training for your fittings service personnel at any time.




Your container pool is important for us; your kegs are our affair.