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Transponder service

Transponder technology keeps you updated at all times by automatically identifying your kegs.


RFID represents the biggest driving force for innovation and growth.


For you as a brewer, it involves not just service and customer loyalty but also a reduction of technical complaints.  Furthermore, you have all market data for assured scheduling.


By having planned production management, your workflows go smoother and are automated.  You have the option of batch tracking in accordance with EU Regulation 178/2002 at the end of the logistics chain.


Retrofitting is easy, both for PU kegs as well as for stainless steel kegs, and can be carried out on the occasion of a fittings and keg service.


On request, we can handle complete

  • project organisation
  • logistics of all components
  • selection of transponders and software
  • retrofitting of transponders to keg
  • training of your personnel


Working with a tailor-made concept, you get a system meeting the requirements of your operation for keg recognition.