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Fitting Service

In order to be able to offer your customers this pleasure, you should pay particular attention to maintaining your keg pool.

The keg pool is your capital.  We assist you with our service capabilities to keep it in good condition.  Our trained personnel carry out repairs on kegs and fittings on site, without involving your staff.  We use only original spare parts because this is the only way to raise the operating life of your fittings.

Repairs on the various fitting types can be combined with a service on the keg at the same time. In this way, you will receive a fully functional and flawless beer keg or non-alchoholic beverage keg within the shortest possible time.

Enquire about servicing directly with us at +49 (0) 93 67 / 98 87 84-0 or send an e-mail to

Well maintained is half the battle:

A keg is only fit for its intended purpose if the fitting is in perfect working order. Servicing the fitting is therefore so important for the following reasons:

  • Beer qualityis not affected
  • Cost savings due to decrease in complaint rate
  • Fault-free fillingsecures you capital
  • Image enhancement for the customer due to flawlessly delivered kegs

Our specially qualified service technicians can repair your valves, quickly and reliably.

In order to achieve long service life for all fittings systems, we use original seals and tools exclusively from Micro Matic.
The following quality standards apply in our service routine:

  • check keg
  • remove fitting from keg
  • dismantle fitting
  • exact measurement of fitting length
  • check all individual valve parts
  • replace seals
  • check and, if necessary, replace other parts such as spring, spring cup, extractor tube
  • clean fitting and socket
  • install fitting
  • exact measurement of fitting length
  • professional installation with exact torque value
  • pressure test
  • marking of overhauled fitting

Our fittings service takes place without any involvement on your side:

  • In the warehouse: in your brewery yard
  • Inline: immediately on the filling plant, this saves all logistics costs as neither forklifts nor manpower is required and, as a bonus, you do not have to keep any kegs in reserve.  The overhauled kegs are available again on the plant within minutes.
  • Step by step: removal and installation on site, repair of fittings at the HW Brauerei-Service workshop
  • Central HW Brewery Service: Are you currently short of space? Or do you want to outsource servicing completely? Then simply put the kegs on pallets and we will organise the logistics. The kegs are overhauled in our processing line at our headquarters in Erbshausen. It goes without saying that only your fittings will be reinstalled in your kegs and returned to you immediately.

You can decide where the service should take place to suit your circumstances.
On request, we are also pleased to involve your staff.

Fittingservice Lagerhalle
Fittingservice Lagerhalle

Keg, fitting and tap heads

The keg system became popular in the sixties. The word keg refers to a small barrel. (For more information on types and sizes of kegs, see here).

On the top part of the keg is the fitting: A valve through which the keg is cleaned in the facility, then filled and tapped with the help of a tap head, usually in the catering industry. Common types in Germany include the flat, basket and combination tap heads, especially for filling and tapping beer.

For non-alcoholic beverages and wine, the L-series has become widely accepted.

We also offer other valve systems, including draft fittings, which originated in the USA. You can also order fittings for special dispensing systems such as Keggy, Fresh-Keg or Smart Draft.

Furthermore, containers with fittings are also used in industry. The fittings, here called valves, differ significantly in design and mechanics from the keg closures used in the beverage industry.

Fine and coarse thread

For all fitting types with a right-hand thread, a further distinction can be made between fine thread and coarse thread.

The respective threads differ in the number and spacing of the thread grooves. The fine thread is known in the trade as 2″ x 14 TPI and has approx. 10 turns. The fitting with coarse thread has only approx. 3-5 turns.

The fitting can only be screwed into the keg if the keg sleeve and the fitting match in terms of thread. A keg with a coarse thread sleeve is not compatible with a fine thread fitting and vice versa.

Grob- und Feingewinde
A comparison between coarse and fine threads

The right tap head

There are also separate tap heads for each fitting system. This means that only a flat-fitting tap head with the right system can produce the desired tapping result if exactly the right tap head is fitted for the respective fitting.

The tap heads for flat and combination fittings look very similar, as both enclose the fitting like a bell. They are different, however, in the way the centre plunger is pressed down.

Basket tapping heads, on the other hand, can be clearly differentiated by their plunger, which then fits into the basket of this type of fitting.

fitting repairs?

You can order original Micro Matic spare parts and tools from us quickly and easily, even in small order quantities, either over the phone or in our shop at

Still not sure?

Have you lost track of what is compatible with what and how you use which system?

Contact us! Our specialist Holger Götzelmann will help you with all your questions about fittings, tap heads and kegs.