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keg exchange centre ...
to keep the yard free of third­party kegs

Third-party kegs are a vexing issue for many breweries, as it involves a lot of logistical effort and the prepaid deposit is often not refunded. For this reason, third-party kegs are scrapped or simply sold to the highest bidder.

However, the fact that such a keg is the property of the brewery of origin and that criminal offences are being committed with it, is currently still being swept under the carpet.

We at HW Brewery Service have the solution for your third-party keg management: The keg exchange centre!

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Die Paletten müssen bei der Abholung bereits gesichert sein (gewickelt, gebändert etc.)




Bei identischer Anschrift zur Abholadresse leer lassen

Bankverbindung zur Begleichung der Gutschrift

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The pallets must already be secured for transport (wrapped, bandaged, etc.) when they are picked up.

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