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Keg service

Stainless Steel Kegs

Straightening rims, both stackable and non-stackable

In removing dents in stainless steel kegs, the damaged bodies are reworked. Using hydraulic equipment, both the top and bottom rings, also the stacking rings, are brought back to their original shape.
Not only is the appe arance improved, it also raises the throughput of your plant.

HW-BS ausbeulen

PU kegs

PU jacketed kegs show damage such as deformation, colour changes and misshaped rings after several years. Working together with Schäfer Werke, our co-operation partner, we offer a unique service to refurbish your kegs externally, to reconstruct cracked parts and to create new grips. You can select a ‘new look’ for your kegs. Main colour, colour rings, logo imprinting on kegs can be carried out exactly as you want it.
You save expensive disposal costs and you need to replace only those kegs that are not recoverable.

Further Services

With an intact coupling, you reduce downtimes in the plant and complaints from pubs. Using a special tool, we bring couplings, both in stainless steel and in PU, back into position and set them up exactly.

You can choose all colours of the rainbow. We put rings on your kegs in any colour you want. Your kegs will have a unique appearance, and you set yourself apart from your competitors

If you need a new banderole on your Keg we can also do this. You can choose your Label individual. After we have removed the old banderole, we professionally apply the new one and guarantee a long term durability.

Whether your keg is fitted with a Bavarian tapping or with a Thielmann ball valve, your keg will be provided with new tapping equipment.

• Party keg with ball valve system
• Thielmann ball valve system
• Party keg with complete cartridge
• Complete cartridge

Partykeg mit Kugelventil-System
Thielmann Kugelventil-System
Thielmann Kugelventil-System
Partykeg mit Komplettkassette

Types and sizes of kegs

Stainless steel keg

Classic beer kegs are made entirely of stainless steel. They are extremely robust and guarantee the quality of the drinks. Stainless steel kegs are designed for operating pressures of three or seven bar and are equipped with a safety bursting point.

All common couplings and fitting types (further information on the subject of fittings can be found here) can be ordered from the various manufacturers. The stainless steel kegs can be individualised for the breweries in a variety of ways, e.g. via an embossing on the head ring, a laser inscription on the lid or base or via an adhesive label (banderole) on the keg ring.

Stainless steel kegs from various manufacturers are available with the following capacities:
20 liters, 25 liters, 30 liters, 50 liters

PU kegs

PU kegs, also called plus kegs, are kegs with a stainless steel bladder surrounded by a polyurethane foam. The foam protects the contents from external influences. The drinks can be kept cold longer due to the PU jacket, which in turn requires a longer cooling phase compared to a stainless steel keg.

The kegs can be branded in a variety of ways, usually between the rolling hoops and on the lid of the keg.

The classic PU kegs for beer and wine are available in the litre sizes 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50. The slim Junior Plus kegs are available as 10.4 and 15.5 and 20.5-litre kegs.


Wooden kegs

Enrich your gastronomy, festivities and events with the historic look and unique technology of the Noderer Holzkeg®! From a 5-litre keg to the 90-litre barrel!

The protected Holzkeg® contains a standard stainless steel bladder, encased in a valuable and robust acacia wood barrel shell. The sleeve of the stainless steel bladder is designed for fine threads and suitable for flat/basket or combination fittings. Brand and company name presence can be applied to the wooden keg in a promotionally effective manner.

German DIN and EURO standard
for beer kegs

DIN kegs are taller and narrower than EURO kegs with the same capacity.
for beer kegs
DIN kegs are taller and narrower than EURO kegs with the same capacity. For 50 and 30 litre kegs, the diameter for DIN kegs is 381 mm compared to the EURO keg with 408 mm.

Kegs with a volume of 25 or 20 litres measure 363 mm in diameter for DIN kegs and 395 mm for EURO kegs.

The diameter of the Junior-Plus Keg is always 239 mm.

Other barrel systems


Party kegs

Party kegs can be tapped using the fitting supplied or by means of the Bavarian tapping method. Party kegs are mainly used for festivals where beer is tapped for advertising purposes or for independent tapping in pubs or at events. These are often available in a rustic wood look.

The Bavarian tapping method is secured using special systems, whereby the keg is automatically closed again even after the tap has been removed. The branding and marking options are as varied as with the PU barrel.

The party kegs, also called Pittermänchen, are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30-litre sizes, depending on the manufacturer.


Soft Drink Keg

Soft drink kegs are fully or partially lined with PU foam and are used in particular by large bottlers in the non-alcoholic beverages industry. They are cleaned, filled and tapped over a suitable fitting.

These kegs have a diameter of 239 mm and are available in the sizes 10.4 and 15.5 as well as 20.5 litres.

Cornelius kegs

These alcohol-free product containers are available in 11.3 and 18.9-litre sizes. These barrels are instantly recognisable with their special NC quick-close valves.

This container is particularly suitable for highly carbonated drinks, due to a built-in compensator, which makes it possible to tap from the keg without foaming.